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20 Feb Wristbands

Wristband Colours For Entrance Use During Events

Every event organizer always wishes to make every event they plan stand out with a touch of class and stylishness. Therefore, you need to be sure that you choose the correct wristband that is functional, visible and stylish.  The perfect choice of the colour of the wristband to the event will make the event classy and those invited will keep the wristband as a reminder of the awesome event attended. Wristbands serve both as an entertainment tool as well as used for security purposes. We explore some of the wristbands suitable for events.

  1. Resort wristbands for hotels and motels

Resort wristbands are a powerful tool for monitoring visitors and gatecrashers by the premise staff in an event. They can be used to monitor events such as trade shows, corporate retreats or weddings happening within the premise. Wristbands come in different colours when simultaneously in the premise so as to distinguish the different participants. Guests for a tradeshow can be issued with a green wristband while for pool party can be issued with holographic wristbands.

  1. Child safety wristbands

Child wristbands are a popular temporary identification document for children especially when the children are to be separated from the parents. Wristband colours can be used to group children according to a category such as age or gender. Girls can wear purple wristbands while boys wear yellow. Wristbands with matching numbers can also be used where the child wears the wristband with the number then the parent takes the matching number. Child safety wristbands should be non-transferrable to avoid be removed by the child or being shared.

  1. Red ribbon wristbands

Red ribbon week wristbands are an awareness tool for children and teens. The red colour signifies that they have pledged to live drug free. The awareness event is for one week therefore this wristband is made from durable waterproof silicone to last for the entire week. This wristband can be customized to include some awareness information on the red ribbon wristband such as writing your name on the wristband to indicate your support for the drug free society.

  1. Waterproof wristbands for theme parks and water parks.

Waterproof wristbands are highly visible, non-transferrable and durable and suitable for all swimming and water applications. They are constructed from either plastic or vinyl material and both have one time use locking snaps to ensure they are non-transferrable for security reasons. Theme parks and water parks have different classes of people ranging from VIP to local people. Hence there is need to distinguish each group of people and wristband colours are used to group people according to the different classes.

  1. Party wristbands

Wristbands are designed to keep gatecrashers from ruining the celebrations. They come in a variety of materials and styles such as Tyvek wristbands, plastic, vinyl writstbands and silicone. The invited guest can be provided with party wristbands to serve as an entry ticket to the event. Wristband colours can be used to group the different classes of people present at the party so that their needs can be easily met. Party wristband can be customized to include the name of the event to avoid counterfeit wristbands.

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