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If you are going to use a 3D printer for industrial or commercial use, then the RoboBeast is the one and only. All parts are locally available, with a one year warranty with service support. The RoboBeast Regular is our standard product, with a build volume of z=30cm, y=32cm, x=38.5cm and can be delivered within days. Custom built printers can be manufactured to clients specifications. Any size, with dual nozzles & heat beds as options.

We are the only SA company manufacturing 3D printers, ideal for prototyping and small scale modelling or manufacturing. The RoboBeast is bigger and more robust than anything else in its category. Factories of the future are moving away from time consuming and expensive cut away technology machines, such as CNC, lathes, milling etc, and looking at 3D (additive manufacturing) in a big way. This is already changing everything in the manufacturing & engineering sector.

Tech Specs
For the Techno-buffs, below is an outline of what you can expect to find in a RoboBeast 3D Printer:

  • Build bed size: z = 30cm, y = 32cm, x = 38.5cm;
  • Outer Aluminum diameter 60cm x 60cm x 60cm;
  • Total weight 25 kg;
  • Will come fully assembled with 45 hrs test print time;
    Main construction is Aluminium 44mm x 44mm extrusion;
  • Includes small back up battery;
  • Optional dual nozzle extruder set;
  • Optional heat bed;
  • Optional big Battery, will maintain a 20 hour back up print;
  • Optional solar panel;
  • Self leveling print (not bed);
  • Print with range of 1.75mm filaments;
  • 0.3mm nozzle;
  • 0.9mm Nema 17 motors;
  • Aluminium filament extruder
  • The HTML5 content uses Bootstrap and jQuery as the main supporting libraries and the user interface is served from a Python web server containing a Flask application. Static contents was generated using Jekyll and dynamic contents using Jinja2 templates;
  • Interfacing to the Printrbot is done through the excellent Python printcore library which is part of the PrintRun project (Pronterface and Pronsole)
  • The board configuration and software development was contributed to RoboBeast by Guy van den Berg and Schalk Heunis from Microsmart – a House4Hack supported start-up. Microsmart specialises in intelligent interconnected devices and services.

The RoboBeast was showcased at the Popular Mechanics show recently (editor’s choice) and featured on Carte Blanche (SA tech company leading the way). The response has been incredible. Compared to the imports in this category, these printers are not only superior in many ways, they also are made in SA with local support and maintenance.

These printers have intelligent firmware on their 32bit control board so all that is needed to run the printers is a 3D software design which is uploaded to a slicing software (free) and printed. The time of each print depends on its size and print resolution. For example a cell phone cover could be between 1-3 hrs depending on quality of print. The printers support a wide range of filaments.

You can print from an SD card or a network. Plug & play…not plug & pray!

Optional Extras

  • Solar panel & controller R 3 500
  • Battery large 12V 27Ah (20hrs) R 3 500
  • Heat bed R 5 500
  • Dual nozzle extruder set R 5 000

1 year warranty (T’s&C’s apply)

Download Specifications

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