Robobeast | 3D Printer
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Locally designed, manufactured & supported.

The RoboBeast is a robust 3D printer without compromise. Built by South Africans because nothing else was good enough, this beast of a machine is now available and ready for action!



Being South African is like boldly swimming against the shoal; the small guy who doesn’t always have the clout but sure has the courage. We are a bit rugged but mighty tough. We are the ones who adapt quickly and never give up, the ones who try the hardest, surprises, but never compromises, because in order to succeed in the global market we have to be better than the rest and sharper than the best.5318458

And that is why South Africans work harder and always punch above their weight. Eish! Lekker! Kief!
The RoboBeast 3D printers are true South Africans.